At a Glance: US National Security Strategy

President Donald Trump Monday unveiled his national security strategy, a blueprint for future military and foreign policy, defense spending, trade negotiations and international cooperation.

The security strategy is built around four pillars:

1. Protecting the homeland

Reforming the immigration system and strengthening border control
Targeting transnational terrorist groups and crime syndicates at the source
Keeping critical infrastructure and digital networks safe
Deploying a missile defense system

2. Promoting prosperity

Retaliation against “economic aggression”
Embracing “energy dominance” by removing obstacles to exploitation of shale and other domestic resources
Making America more than self-sufficient in energy, including development of nuclear and other power sources
Fighting theft of American intellectual property

3. Peace through strength

Rebuild America’s military strength
Getting American allies to spend more on defense
Ensure the balance of power remains in America’s favor in key regions — the Indo-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East

4. Advancing American influence

Diplomatic and development efforts will focus on protecting U.S. interests, finding economic opportunities for Americans, and challenging competitors
Promote free market economies, private sector growth, political stability, and peace
Shift away from a reliance on assistance based on grants to approaches that attract private capital

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